The second life that the Flying Yankee will have is that of an economic and tourism development icon. To fulfill this part of its mission, the Flying Yankee Restoration Group is well positioned to network with existing agencies, both public and private, to fulfill its mission as an inspirational example of American Technology as a way to solve problems and to serve as an exciter of students to study not only the technology, but also the history, that Railroads and transportation (highway, water, etc.) have played, and continue to play in American history.

Flying Yankee, at it's new  home (to be announced), will serve as an educational and economic development icon to New Hampshire and New England. There is great interest in the Flying Yankee as an American railroading milestone. Once set up at its newe location, and its availability to be visited and toured publicised to the Rail Fan public, it will become a magnet for Rail Fans to visit New Hampshire and the Concord area. The appeal of the Flying Yankee will be added to other Railroad Enthusiast sites and tourist railroads throughout New Hampshire, increasing New Hampshire tourism.