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Welcome to the Flying Yankee Restoration Group's website!

The picture above is a composite, showing the Flying Yankee as it might look at its potential new home. The plan is to move the Yankee from its current location at the Hobo Railroad to another location in the Lincoln, NH, area in 2018. There are multiple potential locations being considered by the NHDOT, with the most likely right now being the White Mountain Attractions visitor center at Exit 32 off I93. The picture above is a composite showing how the Yankee might look in front of the visitor center. It's shown here on the mainline, the actual location is still being studied.

The Restoration Group is working hard to raise the funds to put the Flying Yankee back on its trucks. This move is a great opportunity to do it if we can raise the necessary funds in time. The current estimate from the NHDOT to install a track panel, move the restored trucks from their current storage location, and place them on the track panel is $50,000. If we can't raise a significant portion of that money in time, the Yankee will be set up on blocks as it is now at the Hobo Railroad. We will publish details on this fund raising campaign as they become available.

The Flying Yankee has not been available to casual visitors while it's been at the Hobo Railroad due to the safety and security issues of an active rail yard. The move to a new location will allow it to be set in a visitor friendly environment where it will get the public exposure that it deserves. We then plan to partner with local businesses and organizations, state and city government, and individual enthusiasts to fund the completion of the Flying Yankee restoration! We promise to keep you informed with plans and progress on this website. We also have historical information and pictures posted here. We hope you enjoy learning about the Flying Yankee!

R1 510 Restored Trucks

Restored trucks waiting to be re-installed under the Flying Yankee. This picture was taken while the Yankee was still under cover, and before the trucks were moved into storage off-site. The Yankee has been uncovered and prepared for its impending move. The trucks will need to be brought out of storage and transported to the new site if they are to be installed during the move.


The NHDOT is preparing to move the Flying Yankee to its new home. As mentioned above, this would be a great time to get the Yankee back on its trucks, but the funding for that effort will have to come from donations through the Flying Yankee Restoration Group. NHDOT estimates that it will require $50,000 to procure the necessary material and set up a track panel at the new site, to prepare the Yankee to accept the trucks, move the trucks from their current storage facility, and place the train on them.

The FYRG is starting a fundraising drive to raise the funds during 2018 so that this work can be done. If you believe with us that the Flying Yankee deserves to be saved, restored, and back on the rails, please make a donation! We are a totally volunteer organization, all donations go directly to the preservation and restoration!


Hooksett small

The Flying Yankee Restoration Group was at the Hooksett, NH, Lions Club 22nd Annual Model Railroad Show on Sunday, April 23rd 2017 at the Hooksett Cawley Middle School, in Hooksett NH.

Wayne Gagnon and Tommy Robichaud (shown above) manned the booth, with help from Joe Linquata and Bill Clark.

This was a really nice show, on a really nice day! There were lots of vendors of models of all scales, and of railroad memorabilia. There were several operating layouts with at least one Flying Yankee model running! There was an excellent turnout of train enthusiasts, many of whom stopped by the FYRG booth to say hello, get caught up on the Flying Yankee status, buy some Flying Yankee gear, and/or make a donation to the restoration fund.

Thanks to everyone for making it a successful show! And a special Thank You to the Cawley Middle School staff, the Hooksett Lions Club and their staff for the golf cart "ferry" parking lot service and for allowing the "Flying Yankee group" to participate, and the Hooksett Boy Scouts who acted as parking lot guides and after show clean-up crew.

We plan to be at the show again this year. Please stop by and say hello!

Hooksett Lions Club Model Railroad Show